Biographical Chronology

1891       Born in St. Petersburg, Russia
1914       Flight instructor in Military Aviation School Gatchina
1915       Sketches serve as basis for journalistic reports from Alexander Kuprin and press corps
1923       Attends the Academy of Art, mentored by Dimitry Kardovsky and Boris Kustodiev
1926       Married Alexandra Ivanova Matyukhina
1927       Appointed State Art Professor
1928      Leningrad exhibition. “Mother’s Portrait” and other Sokoloff’s paintings received awards.
1928      Post Graduate Study under Professor Alexander Savinov
1932      Arrested and condemned to ten years of hard labor in the GULAG
1936      Released from serving sentence in Svirsky Gulag
1937      All Crimea Exposition in the city of Simferopol.  His paintings, The Taking of the Perekop, Petitioners Visiting Lenin and Khaitarma were received with honorable mention by     critics.
1938      He becomes the Commissioner of Fine Art in the Crimea
1939      His painting, The Leader was acquired by the Black Sea Fleet for battleship “Black Ukraine”
1939      All Crimean exhibition in Simferopol.
1940      Director of Art for the Crimean Agricultural Exposition
1941      Art Presentation at the All Soviet Exposition in Moscow
1942      Leaves Russia for Switzerland
1946      Sokoloff commissioned to paint portrait of Her Highness, Furstin Von Liechtenstein. The painting is part of collection of Her Highness, Princess Von Liechtenstein.
1947      Exhibit in Feldkirchen, Austria. “Wilhelm Tell “ awarded First prize.
1948      Exhibit in Innsbruck, Austria “Last Steps in the Homeland” was awarded First prize. The study of the painting “Last Steps in the Homeland” can be found in Far East Museum in Khabarovsk.
1948      Immigrates to Argentina
1950      National competition for the centenary of the birth of General San Martin, Buenos Aires. “Crossing the Andes” Wins First prize and a Gold medal. The painting was bought  by the “Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano”.
1952      Competition organized by the Congress of Argentina. Sokoloff’s sketch “The Liberator Jose de San Martin” Wins First place and Sokoloff is commissioned to complete the  painting for the Congress Hall.
1954      Sokoloff commissioned by Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano to performe study of the image of General Jose de San Martin at the time of his fight for the Liberation of  ARGENTINA. The work was called “Iconography de San Martin” and published by Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano.
1955      Sokoloff commissioned by Gallery Rivadavia four fundamental paintings of the Argentinean History for Permanent exhibition. The size of these paintings was 45 feet by 10 feet  each and they located in the gallery Rivadavia in Buenos Aires.
1941      National exhibits in Moscow. Sokoloff presents seven paintings.  
1955      Political  leaders in the ideas of the Peronismo to create a memorial to Descomisados combined with monument to Eva Peron , A.Sokoloff started work on preliminary sketches.
1960      Sokoloff commissioned, to create Historical painting when General Manuel Belgrano created the National Flag of Argentina.
1988      Igor Sokoloff a son of Anatolio Sokoloff received a medal “Benefactor” from Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano for donation a sketch of the painting “Paso de los Andes”.
1967      Exhibit “Celebration of Folk Art”, USA Oakland, California.
1969      Exhibit organized by the ARAS Russian-American Artist Union, San Francisco.
1971      Exhibit in the Russian Cultural Museum, San Francisco.
1972      Exhibit at Stanford University’s International Center.
1974      Exhibit “Fort Ross” , Oakland Museum.
1987      The transfer of A.Sokoloff painting “The Capture of Ismail by Fieldmarshal A.Suvorov” to The State Tretyakov Gallery.
1990      Sketch of painting “Russian Merchants Trading Moscow Jewelry for Indian Furs at Fort Ross”, by A.Sokoloff was presented to President M.Gorbachev by the Chamber of Commerce and the Governor of California George Deukmejian.
1990      Exhibit of A.Sokoloff’s works in the Benoit Family Museum, Peterhof, Russia.
1992      The exhibit of American and Russian painters organized by The Forest Hill Art Association in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.
1994      Exhibit in the Khabarovsk Far East Museum, “Russian Motives” by A. Sokoloff.
1997      Solo Exhibit in the Khabarovsk Far East Museum, “The American Period”.
2001      The ceremony of transferring the portrait “Conchita Arguello” by A.Sokoloff to the Russian Historical Museum.
2004      The ceremony in honor of Conchita Arguello and Nikolai Rezanov in The Benicia Historical Museum. Lecture by Alla Sokoloff “California Love Story” and presentation of Portraits of Concepcion Argello painted by A.Sokoloff.
2004      During the celebration of the centennial of The State Memorial Suvorov Museum the Painting “The Capture of Ismail by Fieldmarshal A.Suvorov” was transferred to the Museum on Permanent exhibit.